~videos from Mishra’s web page found here

Today we are going to get creative in blending photography and film to create your own stop motion video.

Let’s familiarize with STOP MOTION

Today we are going to create our very own stop motion using the objects you brought from your dorm rooms!

  1. You will work with a group to script , storyboard, and plan a story.
  2. You will bring your story to life. Using photography you will be taking around 20 pictures to enact the story.
  3. You will then put the photos together on your video software to bring them to life!
  4. Once the video comes to life, it’s time to narrate it. Record a voiceover using Final Cut Pro that goes with your animation.
  5. Save, export, and share your videos to the class Facebook page.

Class example from Mr. Johnston and Ms. McCallum:



Write a 1 paragraph story that you will eventually use as your personal film. The topic must be relates to math, science, or technology in some way (or all three!). This is just a written paragraph, not a full script storyboard. If you have time, go ahead and storyboard it if you want.



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